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Any business is a people business!

If I learned one thing in my professional and private life so far, people – our needs and wants- are in the middle of everything.
During my +15 years career in software sales and consulting, living and working in four different countries and conducting business with most nationalities, I learned that this is universally the same.
I have been interested in people dynamics, specifically in how to motivate and lead people, and how to implement change and innovation for a long time, and have continuously invested in developing this understanding better, professionally, academically, and experimentally. Interestingly, the deeper one dives into human behavior, drives, and condition, the more it becomes clear how much there still is to understand.

I want to help shape the future of performance for people and businesses, as a thought leader and a change agent, by adhering to the triple bottom line. Performance and growth needs to be sustainable, people need to see purpose in their work and be able to flexibly balance all aspects and needs of their life and we must look after our planet.
Thus, I made it my mission to create enthusiasm around driving and implementing change, lead innovation in people and businesses, spark curiosity and openness to embrace new theories and practices, and help people to discover their purpose and realize their full potential. ​
This is why my blog will focus on the topics of modern leadership, new work and change management. You will see that human requirements and motivators, diversity and digital innovation will be a common red thread in most posts, as I see understanding them as key to success in society and business.

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